Hello! We’ve just got back from a longed, long walk out in the woods! Lola must be the most satisfied little creature in a mile’s radius, she is so tired from all the sniffing, running and playing so the girl is sleeping at last beside me :-)

Aksel has turned on the oven as well, because this little family of mine has a great, first Christmas dinner to look forward to! As we’re speaking, he actually went out the door to fetch our x-mas box I was talking about yesterday. I won’t go to bed before this apartment bubbles over of red and shiny, ‘christmas-y’ things! But before I get started on that, I just want to give a recommendation below:





Well it all started a couple of months ago. I didn´t became any special fan of coffee before this year, and just before my summer vacation I noticed a slight difference in the colouring of my teeth. I even remembered complaining to my mother about it, but she just brushed it elegantly off. Not too long after that, I got an e-mail from Dentasy, asking if I wanted to try one of their packages. And so I said yes. I remember the delivery being exceptionally fast, and almost before I could say the words teeth whitening, I stood there with the package in my hand.

The thing about teeth whitening is that you need to use it a couple of times before you can see any difference, and so I decided to postpone the treatment until the summer was over and I had come back home from abroad. The thing is, I was supposed to hide it in a “special” place so that it would be easy for me to find it again. . . Well, as you´ve probably already guessed, I didn´t instantly remember where exactly this “special” place was. And so I´ve searched our apartment periodically, without any luck -before last week! Now I´ve given it a solid go, and I´m ready to give my review.


To visit Dentasy´s website, click here. There you can read more about the product and perhaps even click it home for an easy try. I can only speak for myself and my own experience with this product, but after giving it a go for a couple of days, I actually notice a small change. I mean my teeth doesn´t exactly “shine” whitness, but in my opinion, a whiter tone can honestly be seen. This treatment is also so easily done with as few as 6 small steps:

1) First of all you´ll need to brush your teeth. Jumping over this step would be a massive mistake. For best results, as the whitening need to be in direct contact to your teeth, without any “dirt” in between. I´m sure you get the idea :-)

2) Next is using the syringe to squeeze out the gel in the tooth leather (look at the picture below). Make sure to cover most part -yet try not to squeeze too much gel either.


3) Place the tooth leather gently in your mouth.

4) Wait for about 15 minutes.

5) Take it out, rinse both your mouth and the tooth leather with water.

6) Finished! Now all you need to do, is contain yourself from eating or drinking (water is the only thing accepted in this period) for about 4 hours. Therefore I recommend starting this treatment in the evening, not long before bedtime. This way, this won´t be any problem at all :-)


Remember though, you need only to use this treatment once a day, and they don´t recommend more than maximum 20 treatments in a period of three months. And perhaps even more importantly, take good time to read the information on the package and on the folder inside before getting started.


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