My winter wonderland

What an incredible relaxing day. We´ve done nothing but to eat lots of food, watching good tv- series/movies, plus been once outside, enjoying the wonderful, yet cold weather this early afternoon. I´ve recently opened my eyes for Lightroom editing, so I´m quite a newbie. However, I´ve become so fond of using if already, I find it more easier to understand in contrary to for example Photoshop. Well, I´ve tried different settings, and it´s clear I still have a long way to go before I perfect my photos, but below are examples of some attempts made of today´s nature/ landscape photos. We live just by the water, so we´re lucky to be able to enjoy such sight any day of the year :-) I hope you´ve all had the most magnificent Christmas, whatever your further plans are, keep on enjoying! We´re soon leaving for a cinema date (The Imitation Game), so I got to go. But talk again tomorrow? :-) Love♥ !

DSC04334 DSC04357 DSC04367 DSC04390 DSC04397 DSC04398 DSC04400

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