Talk from the sick bedside: Monogram ring

I am sorry I´ve been in the quiet corner lately. I´ve simply been unable to attend this blog due to another sickness this last part of 2014. I hate to admit it everything I´m feeling ill, because being sick is just about the most boring condition from my experience. But on the other hand, some might say I should be grateful I´m not gravely ill of some sort, and then again, of course I have to agree with that.

When I was little, I can remember being a bit jealous of other class mates being sick all the time, and therefore skipping school days. I couldn´t understand how come I couldn´t be one of those “lucky” ones. I even have to admit, and this is truly embarrassing, that there were days I wore thinner/less clothing during the winter, in order to hopefully catch a cold or something worse. But as I can resemble, I have been pretty lucky my whole life.

The only period that stands out, is actually this last year, or even the last couple of months. Body and mind feels somehow overworked, and perhaps I need to straighten out our eating habits at home. Did I hear anyone say “New Year´s resolutions”? There have been small periods whereas my shape hasn´t been great at all, and it has boiled down to this week. Fever, some caughing even and a whole lot of mucus. . . I´m so sore and red around my nose and tired of the neverending blowing of my nsoe. I´m feeling like a battery going on it´s spare energy, and I feel like sleeping until 2015! But my head hurts, and my stuffy nose keeps on preventing me from getting real sleep.

The good thing about this condition, must be having the time to watch anything and everything on TV. I´ve seen several Disney movies, plus other TV-series. I´ve even opened my eyes to the first season of The Bachelor in Australia *haha* I know it´s silly, but anything entertaining from the “bedside” I do welcome with open arms. And another positive thing, is the abnormally motivation for running on the tread mill, going on a long ski trip or anything that contains more activity than sitting still most of the day. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. How could I ever wish this upon myself when I was younger, is now to me very not-understandable…

Well, moving on to something else, last week I took some photos of my new favourite accessorie. Ladies (and gents?), I present to you my first monogrammed ring, A-I-E :-)



Aksel and I´ve wanted one each for quite some time, and this Christmas, he´d order one for me :-) It fitted perfectly for my forefinger, and there it has been attached almost every since I opened the box. I really have a silly obsession for monogrammed things. Next on my wish list is therefore, of course, monogrammed pillow cases!

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