Happy New Year!

Hello lovlies and beauties! I wish you a happy, happy new year! Can you believe we´re entering a new year again? Thinking back on the time that has passed ever since last midnight of 31. of December, it suddenly seems to have gone by in a matter of a few eye blinks! So, the very first day of the whole entire year, how was your celebration? I hope everyone had a good time; a time full of new memories containing good company, good food and lots of laughing (if not also heartwarming smiles of pure happiness) ♥ Well, one the best things about the first day of the first month of the year, is as you all can agree with me: the enchanting wishes of making your New Year´s Resolutions! ;-)


Yes, still not a single year has gone by in my whole adult life without me making these kinds of lists for me, myself and I. However silly it must be, I really do believe in the powers of a fresh start beginning at 01.01.xxxx. I mean, the strong argument of sticking to your dear list from the absolute start of the year, how wrong can that go in zero time? Well, what I have learned on the other hand, from past mistakes, is the importance of making the list as short and concrete as possible. Above is a GIF showing the whole of my list, containing three points. The clue behind these three points, however, lies in the famous three words: live, laugh, love! Halfway in the first day, I can easily say that my daily life doesn´t appear to deviate from this golden list *haha* Only 364 days to go then! ;-)

Wish you a splendid 1st January, and may 2015 be full of love, laughter and blessings ♥

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