Monday rainbow? -not


Hey guys! How´s your Monday? Mine started superearly, Mondays are always the earliest days in my entire week, but that fine. I´m quite content with that. I´d rather start the week that way than having to wait for these kinds of mornings on Fridays :-) I´ve been at work, and though I´ve been having troubles (again) with my knees, hardheaded as I am, still decided to give cradio a go after work hours. I did however spend quite some time on the warm up. 15 minutes on bicycle first and then another 15 minutes on the cross trainer before I jumped as ready as can be on the mill for a hard, yet longed 30/30 intervall training. I did survive that, but the time after that I´ve been feeling soo tired. A lot had to be done at home, and other errands were pateintely waiting, and the most important thing: we still need to pack for a couple of days away. I´m actually going with Aksel on his class trip to Skeikampen, and I´m so excited! I can´t say likewise regarding packing, and now I´ve delayed it so much the clock shows almost non o´clock and I still need to go to the grocery store and finish some food shopping for our trip! *yikes* Wish me good look!

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