Hair talk


♦ clearly, I´ve edited the shadows and lighting on the pictures above ♦

Like many other girls, young and elderly women out there; I too complain from time to time about certain things about my body. It´s beyond superficial, it´s silly, and we aall know it. They say that despite your disatisfactions, there always remain at least one thing on your body which gets applauded in between all the complaining.

The one thing I´m mostly satisfied with, is certainly not “that flat, cute, Asian little nose” of mine (as Aksel likes to put it), it is my hair!  It´s thick, voluminius and often looks satisfactory enough whether I´ve just showered or haven´t showered for days. One great advantage about this hair of mine have always been the fact that it seems to prefer budget friendly shampoos and conditioners, especially because whenever I do wash my hair, I have to use a great amount every time.

I´ve also tried many different hair cuts though recently, I´ve been very lojal to the long look, especially the “V” kind of hair cut -ever since I tried it about 7-8 years ago in the Philippines. I´ve had superlong hair, down to my tushie, I´ve had a supershort boyish kind of look (wasn´t a decision I hade to be clear), different shoulder lengths and also different lengths of bangs many times. I´ve also tried to dye my hair many times: red, orange-ish, violet, brown and -can you believe- black as the night as well. I´ve actually also longed for silver/white-ish hair ever since I saw Lady Gaga perform Poker face on MTV some time in 2008. Because of is blackness, my hair hasn´t exactly been an easy project regarding dyeing and so  it special wish has only remained inside the thinking box (-luckily?).


//photos from the collage above are all found on google.//

Every now and then I also get these illusions.. I imagine I´d look fantastic with a bob, or a straight, only much shorter and more sophisticated, adult, look. I like to think that experimenting with looks aren´t a bad thing -some do after all believe that variety is the spice of life. I also like to think of myself as very daring when it comes to my hair; but then again, am I really? Whenever I try something drastically new, I develop yet another love-hate relationship with my hair. Until time passes and I settle with the thought that “come on, it´s just hair. It grows longer anyways with time!”.

And now´s another time where I crave for something new! I want to cut my hair into a new, different shape, and dye it! Maybe dip-dye it? I don´t know! Hmmm…. Aksel isn´t too joyful about this, because he knows me well. He says that he knows for a fact that I might come home and cry about the whole decision, being full of regret. You see, that´s actually not too unfamiliar to him *hehe!* Anyway, this time I promise both him and most importantly myself to think really hard and deep about it. So let´s see if I get to surprise you by the end of this month.. ;-)

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