New energy

Hello Monday! Though I was as annoyed as ever when the alarm woke me up, with what felt like only a few minutes from my the moment I fell asleep, this day actually turned out to be a really, really good start to the week. Hopefully, the universe hasn´t chosen to start my week off with a hightlight and rather make me face a down fall during the coming days, but I´m keeping my fingers crossed and hope to God this Wednesday´s school presentation will go by quickly and without any pain whatsoever.

Anyhow, with a new meal plan containing less food, my energy hasn´t been top notch. I´ve mentioned this earlier, but I have to share some complaining again. Not that I´m playing Superwoman at night, but this really shows off in the gym where I write and document everything. Lately, it´s been everything but progress. But that is on the other hand to expect when decreasing the amount of kcal. And so I´ve decided to rather prioritize training, and therefore the amount has been adjusted upward again and so I´m fully enjoying myself in the gym again. I´ve been missing this, and it´s good to be back. Also, I´ve found a new love for cycling (yes, believe me or not), and so every other week day I´m sitting on a bike, pedalling my way through 30-45-60 minutes or so, and it feels great to increase the intensity without any special strain on my knees.


With a pretty OK training week, I took the Sunday off and let the bunch of muscle- kilos build itself up for one time´s sake. And so I rather went on long Sunday walks (yes, plural -s, that´s correct), plus I completed a quarter of streching in the livingroom. Youtube is great for these kinds of training at home, and I´m convinced my body agreed with me. Because today I started a new training week with a b-l-a-s-t, a goodygood 15 minutes intense warm- up on the cross traininer before I mounted the bike and sat there for 50 minutes, followed by a new, favourite excercise! Have you ever heard of a dynamical plank? First time I saw this was on the tv- serie about our ski- girls here in Norway.  Even with only two sets of 20-25 reps, my side- abs felt tornished! -but in a good way! Now I can´t wait to implement this in my training plan!

OL Sotsji 2014    FOTO:Thomas Rasmus Skaug

(Picture above borrowed from Dagbladet here. Click on the photo to watch the video clip.)

Only you have to remember to focus closely on keeping you back straight all the way, this is highly improtant. Have a closer look at the excercise  here. If you´re uncertain, have someone with training expertise to guide you throught this. Didn´t this look like fun? :D Hope you´ve had a good start to your week. If not, it´s bound to be good any other of these coming days, don´t you think? :-)

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