Yellow morning

For two weeks I´ve been having these insane cravings for sweet sins like chocolate cake, vanilla or chocolate muffins, ice cream, Norwegian chocolate, sour candy, soda, juice, chocolate drinks, red wine (yes, correct! And believe me, I´m as surprised as you are!), fish (I actually love fish!!), waffles, pancakes, and though I´ve given in for a few of these, I´ve only tasted in small amounts. But guys, yesterday, I just completely gave aaaall of myself in. I made four fish filets for my husband and I, though I actually ate three of these myself! Aksel didn´t exactly mind either as he´s never thrilled about having fish included in any of his day´s meals (if it´s not salmon that is).. I passed out on the couch right after, apparently my body needed quite the extra energy to digest what seemed to be the size of a whale inside of me.

Only a few hours after, this brain of mine didn´t need too long to figure out what next to make in the kitchen. And so we went ahead and made “rolled” pizza (is that the right term? However you do get my point?). But no, this wasn´t enough. I just haaaaad to make my own “yellow cake”, otherwize known to others as “success cake”. I adore this cake, it´s on my top three cake list, and it always has been. Since we had packed and stowed away a lot in the kitchen, I had to find a recipe which allowed me to use this long roasting pan which was the only one I could find here in use for any type of baking. And so I found one. And I made the cake.

I mean. I´ve never been the kitchen-housewife-type. I´m too impatient to be in the kitchen. Besides, I could never wrap my head around how people can spend hours and hours in the kitchen to make something that takes you like, 5-10 minutes to eat up? I mean..?! How can that hard work be worthwhile to that tini tiny small moment of pleasure??… No. Yet, here I am, staring at a 30 cm x 40 cm roasting pan with one of my favourite cakes in this whole wide world, right up in my face so to speak…! I´ve already taken one bite for breakfast, which probably contain more than the sane amount of calories one should digest in one single meal, and yet I have all of this left. I´ve now gotten what I wanted, and now that I´ve finally made the whole thing (and it really was a success), I don´t want the whole thing to myself any longer. Or else I won´t be eating anything for the rest of the week!!

And so I´ve come up with an idea. I´m going to split it up in several pieces and actually share this wonder of a cake with our neighbours! :-) :-) :-) It´s time to be generous and let others get a taste of these thousands of calories as well *hehe*!


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