Golden days


Hey guys! How´s your Sunday? Any fun, today? ;-)
For the first time in what feels like a small forever, I slept like a baby for ten hours! TEN hours! A late breakfast with salami and scrambled egg didn´t feel wrong at all! And shortly after, we´ve been out licking all the summer sun we can get. First down by the beach, and now on our sunny balcony. And it´s the perfect weather: blue skies, shiny summer sun and a warm breeze hugging you loveingly… Aaah… Life! And earlier this week, both Aksel and I was surprised to get a graduation gift, which was actually one kind of item both of us have been craving for, for a while. We got matching golden watches! *Haha*, the ultimate couple gift, is it not? Yes, life is treating us really well, in both materialistic and in spiritual ways. I hope you´re experiencing it as well, and if you do -let´s welcome it with open arms and enjoy it all while it lasts. Because I´m sure that the tone will be a bit different after the school starts again *heeh* ;-) Good Sunday to you sweethearts and pumpkin pies! ♥


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