Still in celebration

Since last post, I can with huge relief share the great news: our apartment is sold! It became a done deal earlier today when we officially signed it off to it´s new owner. Passing on our very first owned home together happens with both gladness -and of course a dash of sadness, to be quite honest. We´ve already celebrated with great food and drinks three times. As my brother likes to put it; celebration for each of our years spent here. Which is not a bad thought at all. We´ve had three and a half years here -great years which will be remembered and cherished forever. We´ll see what the future hold for us, but who knows if we´ll someday return.

Our plan was originally to move today, but because of the contract signing and an ordered sofa we´ve been waiting for, we´ve postponed our moving until this coming Monday. We´ll just have to be patient for our new chapter which is awaiting for us just outside the capital city! Cheers to new beginnings! Exciting times, yes? ;-)

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