Hello Friday!

Much has really happen since last time we spoke. Don´t even know where to start.
So I´ll just start by making the story short and say that we´ve also had a nice
time with my family who flew down South in order to support my little brother
on his two first Men´s Physique competitions.
My little brother, the family´s little champion, no matter what :-)
I´ve meet with my bestie in Oslo, I´ve had the time to make skype- dates with girlfriends,
make dinner appointment with others, plus finally made the time
to hit the gym a couple of times. Oh yes, besides being lazy on the couch and enjoying one too
many episodes from my many favourite series nowadays, I too have been a little active! ;-)


Overall, it´s been such a delightful week, you guys.
We´re really, really enjoying our autumn vacation together as one, little family.
And it´s been very much needed, especially for our little four legged one sitting 8-10
hours at home on the weekdays awaiting her dear owners from work.
Lola has been with us almost everywhere, and we´ve been on longs walks,
we´ve even made dinner over fire out in the woods! Plus she´s gotten new
four legged friends at our new place, aaand last, but more importaantly;
the three of us has eaten an insanely amount of food only these past few days.

I mean, besides sleep, eat and play; what else do one need in life? ;-) *hehe*!

DSC09537 DSC09541 DSC09559


I´ve otherwise finally gotten the time to enjoy my little hobby photographing. Autumn in such a nice time of the year.
I´ve always believed it´s more charming than the rest of the seasons, and I´ve come to love these months more and more each year.
So fresh, colourful changes and an ever so enjoyable sight.
Since my birthday is coming up, Aksel is otherwise planning a new trip for us in to the capital city.
And so tomorrow we´ll ve enjoying different kind of sights, only in the big “Tiger”- town! Wonder what this man has in plan.
One thing´s for sure: we´ll eat yet another great meal tomorrow- like every other day this week *haha*!
(Now exactly how many times have I brought up the word “food” in only this post?
If that isn´t a clear sign of being a food monster, then I don´t know. . . )

Wish you the best weekend ♥ Hope the autumn is as lovely where you are, as it is here


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