Last day

OK, last day of winter vacay! Can´t believe December is over already. Now that I´ve warmed up to cozy, Christmas streets, late nights and all kinds of beaming lights, it is all quite over. If I were a bit smart, I´d use this day-off to pack away all Christmas- things. Luckily, I´m not only a bit smart, I´m a whole lot of smart (haha, if one even can put it that way), so I convinced Aksel to use this last day on another ski slope, only closer to us, Marikollen. We´ve also ended the day wisely by eating pretty much everything we´ve laid eyes on in the kitchen from 4 p.m. to this moment. Oh yes, we´re exploiting the last vacay day to the max ;-)

It´ll be a super hard morning with an alarm clock set at 6 a.m., which it hasn´t for over two weeks now..! Ughh, I´m not looking forward to that… Another winter-y thing I´m looking forward to though, is an already planned Easter vacation set to the alps in Austria! Mmm.. May the two coming months FLY BY ♦

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