Roasted ham

Today we´re finishing the last meal of roasted ham. Goodness, the taste you guys! So good, and not to mention it secured us dinner for what, three days? And for gym lovers out there, don´t forget how much this sweet thing contain of proteins! Yes, in other words, what a good start to the week. Except for the fact that I woke up completely by myself just a few minutes passed four this morning, I´ve all in all had a great Monday otherwize! I haven´t felt this okay in quite a few weeks, so this is such a nice surprise. I mean, is it just me, or have you noticed my recent blog updates? What used to be one month space in between each is now reduced to one day. Crazy! I´m clutching to this good feeling, this positive energy and really hope it´ll continue this way forward. :-) Especially when thinking about I´m only one week away from taking off to Austria for our Easter holiday. I´ll hopefully have an eventful week abroad full of new food experiences and outdoor activities. At least that´s what I aim for, and nothing less! The one thing I´m not looking forward to though, is leaving my dearest Lola behind. But she´ll be safe and sound with my brother in the capital city- and deep in my heart, I do know she loves spending time with him. Besides, she´ll have a little vacay of her own, being in the big city perhaps meeting a whole new bunch of other dog friends! :-) A total win-win situation for both the four-legged one and her owners, really! ;-)

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