Laughing about yesterday

Yesterday! Goodness. After such a lovely start to our day with a cozy breakfast with all the time in world to relax and just enjoy, it continued to the mountains of Kühtai. After one hour by bus, we found ourselves pretty geared up for a different ski experience in the mountains of Innsbruck, 2020 MSL (meters above sea level). We went off the bus at the very last stop, and to be sure about the ski trail we had picked out, Aksel went in and asked two different receptionists at two different hotels. I had made it clear that if it was possible, I preferred walking straight ahead with few ups and down and a trail which only went for a couple of kilometers. So Aksel found what seemed to be the perfect ski trail just by the bus stop, which went for a round around this green lake.

Well…. They told us the same thing, to walk a few meters back and then follow the visible ski trail which started on our left side. And guys, we did exactly that. With a whole lack of signs (which was a total difference experience from yesterday´s alpine trails..), we couldn´t figure out how on earth our ski trail would continue to that green lake, when we found ourselves standing on the opposite direction, looking over the lake only from a different side of the road; quite far ahead up too, might I add..! Well, we figured the local people knew best, so we concluded that perhaps we just needed to follow the trail until it somehow merged with the trail on the other side… ?!… Can´t really say what we were thinking only that it seemed the logic thing to do at that moment! We went so far ahead that at one point, we needed to take off our skis because of the decreasing size of what we analysed to be the continued path of the trail..

My oh my, were we wrong. We stopped for a while to enjoy the view behind us and below is a photo taken at that moment. Little did we know that around 45 minutes later, we´d found ourselves walking up that same road you can see (yes, walking, carrying our skis!!), and actually climbing (c-l-i-m-b-i-n-g!) up that wall of snow..You see, we were actually supposed to be walking on that straight line which you can see on the middle of the picture. Behind that line were actually the green lake..! So incredibly weird that we missed that part, but the trail we were following covered the view with lots of trees. I was beyond annoyed by this silly, silly incident that I actually burst into laughing on so many occasions. This trip was no joke at all, and I´m telling you, today´s level of difficulty felt ten thousand more heavier than yesterday´s alpine day!

DSC01502 DSC01503

DSC01505 DSC01507

Well, after finally getting on the right track and closuring that round around the green lake, there were no questions about it; we were returning back to the hotel. We were pretty done cross country skiing at this point. The good news is that we only had to wait for about 5 minutes for a returning bus. So after one hour more we went in to the first Burger King we stumbled upon and sat down with each of our menu- order (still with our beloved skis right next to us), eating away our most recent sad, yet funny, experience of all travelling- time.

Back at the hotel, we spent two hours staying in, just re- energizing. Aksel went to the sauna while I took use of the bathtub. Then awaited a couple of hours wandering the streets of Innsbruck, exploring in the remaining hours of day light.

DSC01514 DSC01517 DSC01521 DSC01525 DSC01543 DSC01546 DSC01551 DSC01553 DSC01557 DSC01558 DSC01561 DSC01563 DSC01565
We also ended the day at this amazing, amazing eating place called Vapiano, which is like, 2 minutes away from the hotel, just around the corner really. They served pasta and pizza, which is of course our no. 1 choice of food. I orderd a Diavolo- pizza and Aksel naturally had the winnering- dish: Chorizo- pasta in creamy sauce! Goodness, what a taste! Which results in this not being the last time we´re buying a meal there during our stay!

Many thanks to Vapiano for the happy ending to yesterday!! ♦

DSC01571 DSC01574

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