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Hello sweethearts and hello Saturday! Weekend; long morning in bed; cuddling with Lola; cozy breakfast; one episode after another; what´s not to love about the weekend! ♦  Time to once more, search the internet for all sorts of baby equipment as well. Aksel thinks of this as a bit of a hassle, so a good thing I´ll gladly do it- as most women possibly do perhaps..? ;-) Anyhow, I think I speak for both Aksel and I when I say the colour combination of the future baby room (we´re talking one year ahead before we can move in our new apartment) will be grey, brown and mint- green- ish? As some of you already know, at this point, we´re waiting until birth for the gender to be revealed. Therefore our eyes have been more open for unisex colours. And to our big surprise, many things in the babyshops are actually divided between typical girl- and baby colour + motives. Not everything of course, but there have been many things we´ve been forced to avoid  because of this.. But then again, girl + shopping = not giving up that easy ;-) Taking a look at our wishlist of baby things have long seemed to be neverending though I feel we began quite early buying things here and there to “distribute” the expences. However, earlier today I sat down to get an overview of things we can actually check off our list, and to be quite honest: I see now that we´re off to a good start! And it´s not like we need all of it the very second our baby arrives either.

Yesterday we visited Babyshop for the first time. I can´t believe it has taken us so long when we´re so lucky to have a big shop only down our street basically, and I understand why Aksel has been a little hesitant. Knowing me, he knew the chances of going bananas inside was a little above average, but Aksel managed to keep me at bay. We walked out feeling quite good about our buy: the little seed´s first teddy bear, chewing toy and four pillow &  duvet cover (on 50%!). Still got a long way to go, but for each item I kind of feel like this whole situation is becoming more and more real. I´m aware this sounds beyond silly, but it really feels like we´re one step closer our hectic/lovely soon-to-be-reality, for each time. :-) The next things on our list are the bed, matress and belonging pillow and duvet in the correct baby size. Oh joy! Below is a photo collage collecting some things from our wishlist ♥



1. Picture borrowed from here. The purpose of including this photo, was to show the colour combination of a knitted set. I´ve looked through, but I haven´t quite found the one. // 2. Baby gym here. // 3. Baby bed here. // 4. Ananas lamp here. // 5. Rainbow here. // 6. Fjällreven mini bag here. // 7. Closet here. // 8. Breastfeeding pillow here.


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