This week


This week started with a blast, getting a look at our growing seed for the very first time ♥ I wish we could do that everyday. We´re already thinking about scheduling an appointment for 3D, but as I´ve understood, we should wait for yet another 6-8 weeks for best images..! I´m also considering a second ordinary ultrasound after that.. Yes, I´m all ecstatic about this as you might sense from where you´re sitting! *Hehe* Well, can you blame me? :-) I can´t bear the thought of only getting one chance of a peek before we meet in September! That seems such an eternity away…!

I´m clearly getting off topic here, because what I meant to write about, was my original training plan for this week. The whole thing was a little too ambitious for me, I realize that now. I thought I´d manage to come through four early morning workouts without any restdays in between, but I easily skipped through that. The floodlight has been turned inwards, and so I´ve become an expert in listening to what my body says and try to orient myself accordingly. I´ve had two restdays so far and I plan to complete the last weightlifting training session today while crossing out the only cardio day left on the plan. I imagine we´ll have a couple of cardio- active days during our little trip to Sweden after all and so I´ll happily do that with my conscious left clean ;-) Besides, if I´ll have any leftover energy, I´ll just use the hotel´s gym. That´s what´s so nice about Scandics: a room for our four legged baby, plus a room for wannabe- gym- freaks like Aksel and I!

We´re leaving early tomorrow, so for those of you who knows me well, do know that I´m not leaving our place effortless. On today´s shedule, besides getting some steam off at the gym, there are vaccum cleaning, washing clothes, wahing the car (both inside and out), changing bed sheets and packing for the weekend. And oh, I almost forgot the best part: actually doing a couple of hours work.. Oh yes, despite weekends and red days, there´s still a whole bunch on the to-do-list of a teacher!

Wish you all a great Thursday, wherever you are, whatever your plans are ♥


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