And so the list go on..

Morning, sunshine! Wow, what has happened? Didn´t it snow and rain just last week or so? I just checked the weather forecast, and according to, we´re to expect sun everyday until our national day? What great news! With brighter days ahead, pretty much everything will feel much lighter! And oh, I do really need that feeling of “lighter” and I´m sure I´not the only one out there really looking forward to summer! Did you know it´s only 6 weeks until summer vacay? 6 weeks- and not even whole weeks, so to speak (subtracting the weekends and red days)! But before that, there´s the national day, as mentioned earlier. What are we to wear?? If only I had one traditional dress to wear at these occasions where I´m left unable to choose anything- I´d always have that one, single dress I could pick. However, let´s not forget that baby bump, so no matter how one toss and turn about it, the outcome would actually be the same: I won´t have anything to wear…! Well, over to something else. To something less of a global emergency…. (in danger of being misinterpreted: *I´m being ironic*) It´s the start of a completely new week! And with that, I´ll present yet another round of a wishlist. *Ehem*, excuse me, what I meant to say was that neverending wishlist. That´s what´s so great about having your own little blog; a place where outbursts like these can ufold itself without any limit at all :-D


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1. Babycall here. 2. and 3. Canopy + frame for baby bed here and here. 4. Breastfeeding ointment here. 5. Waterproof changing nappy here. 6. Portable food bottle container here. 7. Sleepyhead here. 8. Bottle sterilizer here.

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