Music that gets you going

Good morning! I have the nicest feeling! Having red calendar days both Monday and Tuesday, I consider myself entering a small vacay :-) And we´re starting the “vacay” off by welcoming a visitor today. Aksel´s mother is coming to stay with us for a while ahead. Luckily, we had dinner guests yesterday and so the apartment was fortunately cleared off one day ahead. Therefore, this morning was all about relaxing (read with capital letters!). We stayed in bed for like an hour while watching a new episode of “Outlander”, followed by our favourite type of breakfast: egg & bacon (+ even more bacon)! Doesn´t it sound like a vacay like morning? To me at least, it does! Can you by the way tell that I´m wearing a new pair of training tights? They´re screaming summer, and I love the colour combination, but the best thing: I´ve bought it two sizes larger than usual and so my baby belly can grow much freely now- all the while looking so bloomingly fresh!

Speaking of training: we´re heading off to the gym before we´re picking up our visitor, and this will actually be our fifth  training session this week (this haven´t happened to me in a long, long, looong time)! We will not go hard on this due to our following appointment with our godsons, but this body needs a little loosening up, so I´m thinking about just walking with an O.K. amount of speed on the tread mill. Hard or not, in the setting of training: music is a must to me! I haven´t found too many new favourites on the top chart list on Spotify, but I´ve went back in my playlist history and found the usefulness of old tracks! And so below I´m sharing a long list of favourites I´m listening to while stretching out/warming up, and then another list of favourites when I need some power beats while training interval or doing weightlifting. Hope you´ll have the pleasure of adding some of them to your own playlist to boosten up your training level! ;-) I could never push myself the way I have without no.1: music with the right beat no.2: and perhaps a dash of willingness too? Well, only a dash of that, might I admit, since there´s honestly not too much of that where it comes from! *hehe*


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DSC02287- stretching DSC02287-pumping

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