Pregnancy update, week 22


Week: We´re in our 23rd week (22+1), which means that our little seed is 20 weeks old.

Days passed, and days to go: I´ve also been pregnant for 155 days, but still got 128 more days to go!

Length: The baby´s at around 27 cm from head to toe and weighs from about 460 g this week (according to my book from “Sandviks Babyverden”).

Gained weight: 4 kg last ime I checked! Oh yes, my baby´s not starving ;-) :-)

Baby size: He/she´s at the lenght of a papaya!

Pregnancy symptoms: Sleepiness and tiredness, still, especially in the early evenings after a long day at work or just a full day containing appointments, errands and other impressions. All other symptoms has calmed down, but I sense that a PGP (pelvic girdle pain) is in development, and I´m starting to get a bit stressed out about this…..

Mood: Small tendencies of roller-coaster, perhaps?..

Signs of life: We recently got confirmed that the placenta is located at the anterior wall, which is kind of shielding the “powerful” movements from earlier weeks. We were also told that the baby lies with the back turned with its feet pointed towards my own back. He/she is therefore kicking “backwards” ;-) Silly little bean! ♥

Must haves: Jogging pants or other comfy pants with a high waist! Oh, I do live high waists these days…!

Last purchase: Lots of baby socks and two more baby pants! I can´t wait to get these mini clothes on my little livingdoll :-)

This week´s training: Not too good, we started off the week completing two trainings days in a row, but then I had to take a couple of resting days. Always remember the importancy of listening to your body! I´m guessing we´re visiting the gym today, but it still remains to see tomorrow if we´ll fulfill another fourth session tomorrow.

This week´s to-dos: I´ve been thinking about “doulas”, which I stumbled upon in a baby magazine? I need to research this topic more, sounds interesting, I must say!

This week´s thoughts: We´re over halfway!! Where did the time go? And by saying we´re halfway, also means halfway to my own birthday! Isn´t it funny, my little pea´s birth so close to my own day? It´ll be the best present of all time!

Cravings: I´ve been more of a sour-candy-like girl rather than a chocolate one, but I´ve set my eyes on that good, brown milky candy the whole week! ♥ Plus, the love for water melon is right back on track. Yummy!

This week´s appointments: None.

This week´s wishlist:


1. Stokke bouncer here. 2. Stokke steps here. 3. Hanging baby cradle here. 4. Sheep clock here. 5. Kidsme feeder here. 6. Baby toy here. 7. Playpen here.

(For all my postet wishlists, look here and here.)


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