Pregnancy update, week 23


Week: We´re in our 24th week (23+3), which means that our little seed is 21 weeks old. In other words, we´re six months (half a year!) in only a couple of days! :-D

Days passed, and days to go: I´ve been pregnant for 164 days now and I still got 119 more days to go.

Length: The baby´s at around 28 cm from head to toe and weighs about 565 g this week (according to my book from “Sandviks Babyverden”).

Gained weight: Even though it often feels like I´ve eaten an whole elephant, the gained weight still stands at 4kg. But can you believe, within those 4kg, my little baby takes up half a kilo of space ♥

Baby size: He/she´s at the lenght of an eggplant actually. No longer a papaya *hehe*! Note to self: take a closer look at one the next time I´m at the grocery store!

Pregnancy symptoms: Sleepiness and tiredness, still, but this often applies to weekdays after a morning session in the gym followed by hours at work. I usually sleep off longer and reload in the weekends and this last one was long so this hasn´t been the best Monday to put it that way. My legs and rear end are aching after walking in heels (my own dearest fault, I know), shoulders and neck are sore from something I´m not quite sure of. Perhaps the long drive? But with that said, I would have it any other way, because the weekend was highly memorable as we´ve attented my dear realtive´s wedding in Stavanger :-) What a beautiful, beautiful experience!! Cheers to love ♥

Mood: Sane and normal, I believe? :-)

Signs of life: Daily movements and especially when I lie down! I keep on saying to Aksel that our little bean is having a party every night ;-) And during our drive towards Stavanger last Thursday, I couldn´t pinpoint what exactly he/she was kicking, but it was like a tap dance performance was ongoing from within! *hehe*

Must haves: Compression stockings! I bought two pink ones last year, mostly just because of the colour itself, but I´m seriously investing in several- and in different colours this time!

Last purchase: Only a few days ago, we finally ordered a Stokke Tripp Trapp in whitewash. Can´t wait for its arrival! And I also need to mention that our little mini has received his/hers first knitted set! Oh, I really do adore it! Aksel´s sister made it for us, and we´re so grateful! Nothing´s like knitted, homemade gifts ◊ Especially when I have non in my family with knitting skills. I also tried knitting a long while ago, but easily had to give it up..

This week´s training: Well, in my opinion I´ve completed a small marathon of my own this past weekend, and so I do not plan on visiting the gym before Wednesday, at least..! I´m no worrying about this at all, I simply need to listen to my body which is grooming my little miracle..! Resting days can actually do as good to your body as active ones.

This week´s to-dos: We need to redecorate and repaint this baby cradle that we´ve inherited from Aksel´s side. We´re actually using the one Aksel lay on when he was a baby :-)

This week´s thoughts: Are we awaiting a little mini Aksel or a mini Elle? :-) I do find it entertaining to still speculate about this, and now that we´re in this topic, I need to mention these numerous events from the weekend. Everyone we´ve asked has said we can expect a girl, and this weekend was no exception. A couple of aunties took a closer look at me, from behind and up front, my face and my baby bump and they all came to the conclusion that a little baby girl is in development inside me. Also, Daniel, a sweet kid from the weekend called my baby “her”, as if that was the most natural and right thing in the world! On the other side, my most recent dream about the little seed, was that I was happily surprised to find out it was a boy! And so it leaves us even more excited to see what surprise we have in wait! :-D

Cravings: I´ve gone back to watermelons! Cold, juicy and tasty watermelons: the best candy ever! I´m so incredibly satisfied with my pregnancy at this time of the year, having the possibility of buying as many kilos as you like! *yummy*

This week´s appointments: None.

This week´s wishlist:


Panda pillow here – 2. Pillow and duvet set, 65 x 80 and 80 x 100 (duvet), 35 x 40 (pillow) here – 3. Baby triangle towel scarf here – 4. Waterproof towel scarf here – 5. Breast pump here – 6. Waterproof floating thermometer here – 7. Nursing pads here – 8. Toy storage, bath room here – 9. Ear thermometer here – 10. Bumper slate (sprinkelvugg beskyttelse) here – Matress 80 x 40 here.

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