A few more photos from last week + pregnancy update, week 24

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Hello and good morning to you! What a feeling; it´s Saturday, I have no emerging work to do at home, the sun is shining and the sky is blue! Aah, I love these kinds of mornings! I can´t express enough how incredibly ready I am for summer! And speaking of summer, I found a few more photos from the lovely summer wedding we attended in Stavanger last week. Both the dress and the shoes are bought from Nelly.com, and I was actually surprised to see that the dress still fitted me *hehe*. That was my greatest concern, not even having a plan B dress.. But I did get it on and I did get to use my new favourite high heels! And though non could outrun the beautiful bride that day, it´s still a huge amount of fun to dress oneself up on few occasions like these :-D

Week: We´re in our 25th week (24+1), which means that our little seed is 22 weeks old. Can you believe, we´re now six months (half a year!) in, which also means there´s only three months to go!

Days passed, and days to go: I´ve been pregnant for 169 days now and I still got 114 more days to go.

Length: The baby´s at around 29 cm from head to toe and weighs about 680 g this week (according to my book from “Sandviks Babyverden”).

Gained weight: Last time I checked, it has stood still at 4kg up, but I much heavier and bigger than what the number shows. Getting onsocks and shoes has never before felt as heavy- even compared to the time at my heaviest (which is still 8kg ahead…)!

Baby size: He/she´s as long as an ear of corn (according to parents.com) and as big as a cantaloupe (according to this source)! So hard to imagine!

Pregnancy symptoms: The sleepiness still hangs on, especially at weekdays. But our midwife has mentioned something about the combination of being pregnant while using medications for pollen allergy usually makes you more prone to that. I´ve also read about the famous leg cramps, and last night I experienced a couple.. Really annoying I must say, and extremely uncomfortable! :/

Mood: To be honest, I might have been a tad more irritable this week, but I blame the sleepiness and the sudden heat wave here in South!

Signs of life: Still daily movements, and my baby, like most I´ve read about, seems to be most awake when I lie down in the evening. Sometimes during my school lessons, I can feel the movements as if it´s trying to compete about winning all of my concentration.  I don´t know exactly what to make of it, does he/she like school or is it a sign of just the opposite? *hehe* Funny little bean :-)

Must haves: Compression stockings and a whole lot of sunscreen! Oh, I´ve read about the skin changes during pregnancy, and even though I never used sunscreen as a child, we´ve definetely stockpiled a small bunch, both for the face and a body lotion!

Last purchase: The Stokke Tripp Trapp has finally arrived, but since then the shopping has been on hold for a while. Well, except for the the fact that we´ve agreed to buy some secondhand baby stuff, like a small baby bath tub, sterilizer and playpen! :-) My dad is furthermore arriving from the Philippines tomorrow, and together with him is a couple of other baby things! *Excited!*

This week´s training: I´m in better shape than I was earlier this week, and so today I plan on going to the third visit to the gym. I also plan on being outdoor with Lola and spend some quality time with her as she was pretty much home alone yesterday.

This week´s to-dos: We definetely need to start planning how we´ll rearrange our guest room into a baby room. Or at least how to make everything fit there, because as of now, I can´t really imagine how we´ll fit any baby or any equipment of any kind there!

This week´s thoughts: We´ve just entered the third and last trimester, the sixth months is suddenly here! I remember feeling that the third semester seemed so far away for quite some time, and now we “only” have three more months (perhaps even less!) before we´ll get to meet the new world citizen ♥

Cravings: I´m still craving for watermelons. Everyday I eat at least 1/4 of a melon (preferrably with a knife and fork), and some days I just need milk chocolate.

This week´s appointments: We´ve set a meeting with our midwife later this week.

This week´s wishlist:
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Weekendbag here – Organizer for a diaper bag here.

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