Homemade cereal

This cereal has actually been a favourite ever since I got the recipe from someone. It´s easy and quick to mix. Before you know it, you´ve got yourself breakfast for days ahead. The recipe is called “Homemade musli a là Amber”, and I really recommend you to try it. I´ve already made this 3 x the past two weeks (but I made halved the recipe), and now I´ve gotten all hooked on eating this not only for breakfast, but as an evening snack as well. I can easily eat a bowl or two almost without even knowing it before hitting the bottom *hehe*!


Dry ingredients:
12,5dl oatmeal
2dl sunflower seeds
1,5dl chopped hazelnuts
2dl wheat kernels
3dl coconut
1dl cane sugar (I use brown)Liquid:
1,5dl of water
1,5dl oil (I use rasp oil)
1 tsp vanilla sugar
1/2 msk cinnamon (I use a 1 tsp of this)
1 tsp salt♦ STEP BY STEP ♦
1. Mix the liquids first before pouring it into
the bowl of dry ingredients
so that everything gets moisted.
2. Pour it all onto a rectangle roasting pan
with baking paper at the bottom.
3. The oven should be around 200°C. After 15 min,
stirr the mix and then wait for another 15 min.
Eh, voilà!

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