Pregnancy update, week 25


Week: We´re in our 26th week (25+3), which means that our little seed is 23 weeks old.

Days passed, and days to go: I´ve been pregnant for 178 days now and I still got 105 more days to go.

Length: The baby´s at around 30 cm from head to toe and weighs about 810 g this week (according to my book from “Sandviks Babyverden”).

Gained weight: Still 6kg up last time I checked. :-)

Baby size: He/she is as long as a big cauliflower (according to this source)! A little vegatable flower ♥

Pregnancy symptoms: The sleepiness has begin to wore off, but tiresome days still doesn´t go un- noticed, to put it that way. Pollen allergy also takes its toll on me. On Saturday I biked side by side with Aksel and Lola whom where both jogging- and the evening was horrific! Running nose and sneeze after sneeze isn´t exactly any dream situation in any case…

Mood: Hmm.. Normal? But tiredsome days naturally give way for an irritable mind.. But that goes for any condition- pregnant or not ;-)

Signs of life: I´m happy to say: daily movements, and as mentiones before, it still feels like a baby party when going to bed in the evening ;-) Aksel has at this point felt two baby kicks, and we´re both insanely ecstatic about it! More, more of these moments! ♥

Must haves: Pregnant stockings which give room for my growing belly ;-)

Last purchase: My dad bought a whole bunch of baby clothing and other bathroom products for the little one, plus we´ve inherited a breastfeeding pillow, breast pump and bottle sterilizer from my generous “sister”, Anna- Liza. Thank God for people like these in our lives ♦

This week´s training: 4/4 trainings days last week, and we´ve already kicked off this week´s first out of yet another three gym sessions. I hope to be able to continue with this for as long as possible. I do have to mention, though, that despite my erimittingly efforts trying to prevent any PGP (pelvic girdle pain), I really feel the difference with bicycling in the gym and walking/standing a whole lot at work… I just pray this body of mine can endure until summer vacay (which is in one week!!).

This week´s to-dos: We need to make a booking for newborn photos, plus plan how to distribute our work leave after our due date.

This week´s thoughts: What milestones we´ve experienced in life only during these past 6 months! The first movements and the development of its strength, the first sound of the heart beat, our first ultra sound, the coming 3D, updating our baby book, the development of my baby belly and buying new equipments etc; I love every bit of it! I love being pregnant (at least now that I can almost feel like myself again, 100%)! Not least do I love having the best partner, for me, to experience this whole blessing together with me :-) We´re also surrounded by loving family and friends whom are so supportive and helpful-  PRICELESS!

Cravings: Watermelons, watermelons and some more watermelons, please!

This week´s appointments: 3D ultrasound and nursing course! So excited!!

This week´s wishlist:

Hanging baby toy with music here – Tilt chair here – Babynest here – Cup holder here– Sunprotector here – Car mirror here.

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