Pregnancy update, week 27+4

Week: We´re in our 28th week (27+4), which means that our little seed is 25 weeks old.

Days passed, and days to go: I´ve been pregnant for about 193 days now and I still got just below 90 more days to go.

Length: The baby´s at around 32 cm from head to toe and weighs about 1090 g this week (according to my book from “Sandviks Babyverden”).

Gained weight: 8kg, and definitely growing in the right direction ;-)

Baby size: He/she is as long as a rutabaga (according to this source). Not exactly something included in my daily grocery shopping, so I´ll need to study one the next time I stumble upon one!

Pregnancy symptoms: Besides renal normal function (because of my growing size), I have begun to notice increased water in my body. Other than that, I feel great! :-)

Mood: Currently in a happy- summer- state! ♠

Signs of life: Daily movements, especially when going to bed. And I believe I now have begun to differ between hiccups and ordinary hitting/kicking? :-D Milestone!

Must haves: Maternity tights ♥ Who would´ve thought? ;-) I, who´ve been so against maternity clothes from day one! I´ve actually bought my first maternity clothing and I hate to admit it, but I literally want to live in it! I bought it from Mamalicious, was super cheap and is beyond comfy!

Last purchase: Oh goodness, where to start? I´m so lucky to have great family and friends whom have contributed with with a varity of second hand baby things. We´ve also ordered a baby gym, we´ve recently recieved the baby call in the mail, plus we bought a baby nest on discount! Things are certainly beginning to fall into place :-)

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This week´s training: Now that we have summer vacay, I have a goal on trying to stretch myself into completing five days of training sessions. I hope I don´t get misunderstood, believe me, I try to listen to my body and always adapt to the current state, but I have a hard time believing that a small half an hour visit to the gym can do any harm to the little seed. The goal is still to prepare the body for the hardest thing I think I´ll ever put my body through- a birth, and I really have faith in the effect of training.

This week´s to-dos: It´s finally time to collect baby- boxes (now that we´re below three months until due date)! We picked up our first yesterday from Apotek1. What a great offer! I really think every pregnant couple need to take advantage of this- they´re after all free! We still need to get one from Rema 1000 and we´re still waiting for Libero/Kiwi- boxes in the mail! Plus, we need to apply for parental benefits (foreldrepenger).. Not really looking forward to this as I´ve heard about terrible, terrible experiences related to this… ;-( Why can´t the system be more user friendly?

This week´s thoughts: It´s so funny to see Aksel become more and more practiacally and emotionally involved in the pregnancy. I appreciate it, I like it, I love it! I mean, I´ve read about how men tend to use a little more time than the mother to develop a “connection” (as it is the woman carrying the growing seed from start, after all), but experiencing the tranformation is gold. Meeting small children is a completely different scenario from before, I mean to a whole other level! The father within my husband, my partner, my soul mate, my man, is growing, and that alone almost makes me bawl into tears! *Hehe!* Can´t believe both of us are so ready for what´s coming, we´re both actually in the same state of mind, and stage in life where we´re prepared to love someone higher than highest. Everything and everyone else in life, including ourselves, will have to give way for it! Our little precious, whom we love so dearly already! ◊

Cravings: Still watermelon, thank you :-) And add a bottle of Guava- then I´m in heaven!

This week´s appointments: Nothing and nada.

This week´s wishlist:


Cardboard suitcase, here – Wooden monogram wall decor, here – Baby´s dirty laundy, Skeidar here – Svira box, IKEA here – Svira hanging container, IKEA here – Rug for babyroom, here.

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