Aegeo Spa- the only appointment for today

 Good morning! :-)

Sharing some morning snapshots to set the mood.


Typical me, always having emergency provisions with me at all times.
Snacks in between main meals are more important than one should think! ;-)

How´s your morning? :-) Have you gotten enough sleep? Compared to yesterday´s sleep, I´ve finally regained the hours of sleep that I lost. I don´t think I would´ve survived yesterday if we had done anything but stayed at our room. Besides working on getting our tan, we´ve taken a stroll down to the hotel´s main area for breakfast plus taken a lunch break. And oh, I almost forgot. After breakfast, both of us jumped in to the pool. Suddenly the hotel´s gym coordinator was there, preparing equipment for an aerobic water session! And so I tagged along, completing half an hour of jumping, kicking and punching. I had a blast, having access to a pool while being big and pregnant should be not only mandatory, but also every women´s right. Speaking of getting big, I´ve certainly noticed that I have gotten bigger, more bloated. And therefore I´m happy to say that today won´t be too much different from yesterday. The plan is to stick at our room, enjoying our private pool and sunbeds as long as the sun´s pointed towards our terrace (until just around four p.m.), before heading down to the hotel´s beach and enjoy a nice swim.

More photos taken from around the hotel´s main area.

DSC02959 DSC02961 DSC02966 DSC02968 DSC02971 DSC02972 DSC02973 DSC02975 DSC02976 DSC02979 DSC02981 DSC02993

I also have to add, the hotel is next to Aegeo Spa. All of the hotel guests are so lucky to receive a coupon of 15 minutes free massage. After using ours, we were tempted to buy a “goodbye package” to each of us, which contains body and face massage, plus an aloe vera mask treatment! Can´t wait! This is just about the one and only appointment we have for today. I know I have mentioned it before, but never have I ever had such a relaxing vacation with such a free schedule. Then again, never was I before in the condition of being pregnant either :-p

Enjoy the start of the weekend, sweethearts! ♥


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