Power up

Good morning! Our very last morning in Greece. It really saddens me to say so.. It has really been a blast, we´ve had the time of our lives :-) A much needed kind of vacation, for the both of us. We were talking about ranking our travel destinations so far, and we agreed on Singapore, the Maldives and Elounda Blu here in Greece. We´ve now enjoyed the last sunrise and eaten our last plate of the amazing traditional Bougatsa for breakfast. We´re currently in the lobby, waiting for the bus which is going to transport us to the airport. In the meanwhile, I have tons of photos I still have to go through. Can´t wait to share them with you :-)

Photos of our early power walk along the shore.
DSC03413 DSC03416 DSC03419 DSC03421 DSC03429 DSC03436 DSC03441
DSC03434 DSC03443


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