Greece treated us well


You wouldn´t believe how many photos I´ve gone through so far- and the remaining number! If there´s something I excel in, it must be taking (too many) snapshots. Growing up, I´ve learned to appreciate pictures and their ability to really capture moments, memories and take you back in time. I love reminiscing and documenting, especially for our own future pleasure. I´ll only be pregnant for the very first time, once in my entire human life, and having photos to look back at will be gold, at least for me. Some even spends quite a lot of money on professional photographers in order to eternalize their pregnancy and their baby belly. And I do get that, really. If only this would be the only expense, but having to spend an additional bunch of money on newborn photos as well forces us to choose between  the two alternatives. And so we´ll rather go for the baby photos.  Luckily, I´ve tried to picture my belly once every week to follow the development, plus I have some satisfying photos from the trip that I´m actually considering on printing and framing :-)

bb1 bb6 collage
bb5 DSC03250 DSC03252


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