Pregnancy update, week 29 + 6


Week: We´re in our 30th week (29+6), which means that our little seed is over 27 weeks old.

Days passed, and days to go: I´ve been pregnant for about 208 days now and I still got just below 75 more days to go.

Length: The baby´s at around 35 cm from head to toe and weighs about 1430 g this week (according to my book from “Sandviks Babyverden”).

Gained weight: 10 kg now.

Baby size: He/she is as long as a acorn squash (according to this source). Not sure of this vegetable/ fruit, I don´t think I´ve seen one before?

Pregnancy symptoms: Besides renal normal function (because of my growing size), I have certainly noticed the return of heartburn (sur oppstøt/ halsbrann). But I guess I´m lucky. Having so much free time, I don´t have any problems with PGP (pelvic girdle pain) since I have all the time in the world to adjust the pace and intensity of just about everything I do. Plus I do spend a lot of time relaxing and keeping my feet up high. So I basically feel great, really :-)

Mood: In a happy- go- lucky- mood *summer vacay*! ♠

Signs of life: Daily movements. Now I feel more than just kicks and punches. The movements are intense and give signs displacements around the belly (as the baby´s space is becoming smaller and smaller). I´ve also begun to feel the famous kick behind/ below my ribs *hehe*, and though I love feeling signs of life from my little precious one, I do have to admit they sometimes can be as uncomfortable as others have tried to describe them to me ;-)

Must haves: *Ehm*, still maternity tights. I´ve actually recently ordered yet a pair of tights (the same one, only this time from, plus I´ve become an expert in lotioning my tummy with this Aphrodite body cream with olive oil, recently bought in Greece. It´s especially made for pregnant women, and to put it this way: I regret not buying a whole box!

Last purchase: Last purchase for the little one was a gorgeous hanging cradle from Kremmerhuset! I´m soo in love with it! Other than that, we´ve put the baby shopping on hold while being abroad.

This week´s training: On our holiday in Greece, I managed to complete one session of aerobic in the water, one morning powerwalk plus one small trip to the hotel´s gym to fulfill a bit of weightlifting. Other than that, I was a pretty good at pretending to be a mermaid i the water, so I can actually brag on completing a good couple of rounds in the pool. Not bad, being on vacation and all! Now that we´ve come home, we´ve actually already completed three training days already. Go activeness! I just hope I can continue with this as long as possible during the pregnancy!

This week´s to-dos: I plan to go through both me and my brother´s old clothings and toys to see what I can reuse. So fun with own secondhand things to pass on! :-)

This week´s thoughts: I feel like the birth is just around the corner, though being a bit far away, still, and everytime I come to think about what´s waiting me, and everytime the subject comes up in a conversation, I can feel my whole tummy twist and turn. I get so stressed about it! But then I have to remind myself of something that was said on nursing course: women think the hard work is during birth, but it´s wrong. Because the real hard work actually awaits after. I need to try and keep this in mind, because come to think about it: of course. How logic..! One also have to mention, despite all the pain that awaits me in a couple of weeks, I do get the best prize in my arms, a new world citizen that I have made and put to this world :-)

Cravings: You´d think it´s only water melon, but no. Water melon, smoothie, strawberry, bread, pizza, toast, homemade ice cream, chocolate cake, juice, soda, sweet candy, sour candy, popcorn -you name it! It´s INSANE! I´m acting insane!

This week´s appointments: Yesterday, we went to our widwife. And I´m happy to tell that from what she could tell and feel today, it seems like our little precious has turn the right way- head down and feet up! Everything seems to be fine, and it´s incredibly comforting to hear her say that every time! ♦ Today, however, was a not so fun appointment at the doctor’s. Because of my Asian background, I was highly recommended to take a test (sukkerbelastning) in order to reveail if whether or not I have diabetes (type 2). The test goes like this: you have to be fasting from midnight on. Show up early at the doctor’s to take a blodtest (from finger and arm), before you have to a sweet drink (3 dl). Then you have to wait for another 2 hours before taking a new blodtest.. Superboring, but I’d rather be on the safe side.

This week´s wishlist:
Hmm… For the first time, I can´t think of anything special that I haven´t shared with you before, actually! Perhaps clothing for fall and winter? And a Voksi move bag for the car seat (look here)?

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