Pregnancy update, week 31+4


Week: We´re in our 32nd week (31+4), which means that our little seed is over 29 weeks old.

Days passed, and days to go: I´ve been pregnant for about 221 days now and I still got just below 62 more days to go.

Length and weight: The baby´s at around 37 cm from head to toe and weighs about 1750 g this week (according to my book from “Sandviks Babyverden”).

Gained weight: 10 kg now.

Baby´s size: He/she is as big as a pineapple (according to this source)! A PINEAPPLE!! My little pineapple baby ♥ I´m swear, I´m going out to buy myself a lovely little pineapple today! And hug it!!

Pregnancy symptoms: Still heartburn (sur oppstøt/ halsbrann), and I’m not exactly any world champion in adjusting or limiting myself when it comes to eating. But that’s not the worst part. I’ve begun noticing that when standing/walking too long, as well as sitting too long- triggers a mild PGP (pelvic girdle pain), although this isn’t a serious thing at this point. Luckily, it’s something adjustable for the time being :-)

Mood: The vacay mood continous vigorously!


Signs of life: Daily movements- everywhere! Down below, further up, in the back and on the sides! I’d like to know what’s really happening inside of me sometimes! *hehe*

Must haves: Oh those maternity tights, you guys! I practically live in them! And I currently have a hang- up for bodies. They’re so comfortable, pluss they show off the tummy in a nice way :-)

Last purchase: I’ve received a few baby clothing and other equipments, and so the shopping- craving has settled a few notches! Luckily for the wallet ;-)

This week´s training: Yes! Both weightlifting and cardio has been maintained, although I’m not sure if I’ve managed to uphold the same intensity as when training in our gym at home. But hey, I’m pregnant, I’m vacating and I’m doing the best I can. So you can safely say I’m satisfied with my activities while being at home away from home.

This week´s to-dos: I’ve received a leaflet with information about the child birth from our midwife that I still haven’t pushed myself into reading. I will definitely check this off my list before being on the road again next week!

This week´s thoughts: How I’ve developed from the second the test was positive- until now. I feel like I’ve become more and more ready for the reality that awaits us, and thinking about the whole process is just gold. People used to say that getting children never fits anyone’s current life or any plan, but the thing is, when it becomes your reality you just get ready somehow! Now this isn’t word by word the case for us, but I’d like to acknowledge the fact that this perhaps goes for everyone, or at least most of us. I mean, who wouldn’t welcome a mini- yourself into this world?!

Cravings: Gosh.. Where do I start? Let’s just say that the cravings are definetely present, and the keyword is: everything !

This week´s appointments: No appointments this week, but to follow up last week’s, I’m happy to say that my sugar levels are normal. In other words: no worries about having diabetes (despite the love for sugar on my part)!

This week´s wishlist:
I still can’t think of anything in addition to all of my earlier presented wishlists.

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