Pics from the past weeks

I haven´t really had the surplus of energy for the frequent updates I had hoped for, despite having more time on my hand. I´ve been working, more or less for about three weeks, my mom has been here for a three week visit, I´ve been sick with a cold, plus with being heavily pregnant; things do take their time. Doing household chores, taking the dog for its daily walks, preparing dinner, washing all of the baby´s clothing and other textile equipment etc., etc., and then all of a sudden I´ve only managed to produce one update during a whole month!

Though I haven´t shared any large updates or photos, I have had some pretty nice days. We started off the school´s planning days on a seminar in Tønsberg. We spent a night there and it was the first time for both Aksel and I. We were so lucky to experience the town under blue and sunny weather, and with these two factors involved, you´re almost sure of falling in love with a new place. I often get surprised of how beautiful Norway really is, and how I time and time again realizes that I really must experience more of this country instead of going abroad every chance I get.

DSC03747 DSC03754DSC03776 DSC03757 DSC03763

A week ago, Aksel and I picked up a secondhand baby cradle, and after doing so we drove to cozy Drøbak which only was a stone´s thrown away. Yet another day of lovely summer weather, and we walked for what seemed to be a long stroll along the water while we enjoyed kebab, ice cream and baked goods. Whenever having the opportunity, we really try to squeeze in as much quality time between just the two of us, now that we´re soon going from two to three. You see, I can imagine both of us falling so hard for the new and coming world citizen that we´ll forget one another for quite a while :-)

DSC03784 DSC03787

And then, to my biggest surprise, my babyshower! ♥

Since I wasn´t aware of this, I didn´t bring along my camera- of course (despite usually being an ordinary accessorie in my bag whenever going to the capitol city)! However, we returned the day after to spend some time with friends who had travel from afar, and so I managed to take some snapshots of the occasion´s surroundings. Can´t believe I´m blessed to have so good people in my life! It was really a celebration to remember, with lots of games and laughter! Moments I will treasure forever and ever ♥ I´m usually good at catching up signals or decoding secrets behind my back, but this time! I really had no clue! Although I had my suspicions earlier that day, I shaked them off as I looked every possible way for any clues of such a conspiration- but I found none! Isn´t it incredible how a little human being can be so loved, already before even coming out to this world! :-)

dsc03721 dsc03722 dsc03723 dsc03724 dsc03727 dsc03728 dsc03730 dsc03736   dsc03739 dsc03740


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