Pregnancy update, week 38+6


Week: We´re in our 39th week (38+6), which means that our little seed is now 36 weeks old.

Days passed, and days to go: I´ve been pregnant for about 272 days now and I still got 11 more days to go.

Length and weight: The baby´s at around 48cm from head to toe and weighs about 3200g this week (according to my book from “Sandviks Babyverden”).

Gained weight: 14 kg now and still growing.

Baby´s size: He/she is as big as a pumpkin (according to this source)! ♥ I have a little pumpkin pie inside of me! Imagine that :-)


Pregnancy symptoms: Nothing new to add! The same old, same old. PGP, heart burn, water swelling, a desperate bladder and contractions.

Mood: Sleepy and I though it might sound too dramatic, I feel more or less like an invalid compared to my old self a couple of months ago. Changing position when lying down, picking up things from the floor, changing socks and other similar things- it all feels like such a workout, I swear!

Signs of life: Movements everyday, thank God above. Sometimes it feels as if the baby´s literally coming out, through my tummy! Funny and weird at the very same time..

Must haves: Birkenstocks and a heating pad!

Last purchase(s): A storage basket from SneDesign, baby cradle mobile and hanging woven macrame from Etsy, book cases from Alice and Fox, Vita Eos lamp for the baby´s room, wall pennant decor, playing brick house, mattress for one of our inherited baby cradle and a few new sets of clothing which were on sale! :-) An eager mom, yes, whoose mind is set on nesting! Also, we´ve received yet another sweet knitted set *looooove!!*

This week´s training: Last week I settled for one weightlifting session at the gym. Otherwise, walking the dog was plenty enough activity. Yesterday, I completed 45 min on the cross trainer before surviving a couple of weightlifting exercises. In other words; I´m so done for this week. CHECK!

This week´s to-dos: I have a DIY- project planned in my mind. If I go through with it, I´ll remember to share the idea :-)

This week´s thoughts: Any day now, I can actually be a mom to a little human being, not only for a while, but for the rest of my life! Frightening to think about that I have the responsibility of another heart and soul for eternity, but also, I can´t wait! I´ve been watching a TV- serie called “Fødeavdelingen”, and my original thought was to prepare myself for the birth, but I find it stressing me more and more watching the show. No birth experience are the same anyway, so other than being informed about the alternatives of  pain relief, I can´t really prepare myself for what´s really awaiting me. We´ll just have to wait and see. And hope and pray to God I´ll survive the whole experience when that time comes! *Eeek*


Cravings: Still everything ice and cold! Especially juice, smoothie, cold cake and ice cream ♥

This week´s appointments: An early morning appointment with the midwife, once every week now.

This week´s wishlist:

♦ Dirty laundry for the baby´s clothes (from Skeidar, here)
♦ Sky cradle (here)
♦ Suitcases (here)
♦ Wash and dry, washing machine, LG FH695BDH2N (here)
♦ Sunshade for our Cabriofix Maxicosi carseat (here)
♦ Hanging storage (from IKEA, here)
♦ Milestone cards (from Sprell, here)
♦ Milestone bricks (from Etsy, here)
♦ Rocking chair (from IKEA, here)
♦ Commode (from IKEA, here)
♦ Dream cather (Aliexpress, here and here)

(For all my postet wishlists regarding the pregnancy, look here here, here, here here, here, here and here.)



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  • Reply September 15, 2016


    Yes the best thing to do and think is to be happy and thankful for everyday💖💖💖 praying is the best moments afterall💐🌷💖

  • Reply September 15, 2016


    Yes its true the best thing is to enjoy and be happy for everyday blessing, being is the best thing that ever happen to a womans life,giving birth and to feel thier soft body and thier voice will be the most precious moment u will ever cherished in your life both of you and Aksel💖💖💖💖pray always,our patron Saint Lorenzo feast is on the 28th of this month💖 love u baby…🌷🌷🌷

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