In my PJ´s

A very late hello to you, Wednesday!

Today we´re 39+5 weeks on the way; can you believe! This is our 40th week, which means that I´ve been “pregnant” for 9-10 months..! And soon it´s time for our little panda to come out and meet the world ♥ Until then, project: Relax has been ongoing for about three weeks now, ever since the maternity leave from work. Some days my back, my end, my shoulders, my tummy and/or my head aches- not only during the day, but sometimes nights as well.. In these cases, nothing else on earth helps but a warm cup of hot water with a slice of lemon, my beloved heating pad plus being in my pajamas all day long. I know, being pregnant isn´t a desease of any kind, but let´s not forget the fact that being pregnant actually means your body is working for 9 months to make another human being. But on the other side, there are also days where it seems I might have swallowed a couple of batteries and I have the energy to do just about everything. I´ve washed, cleaned, cooked, baked, trained, organized and reorganized things; plus let´s be frank, I´ve emptied the bladder a couple of hundred times in between all of this. I´ve even had a couple of small DIY- projects, which I´m so eager to share soon. So, to sum up in short; my days varies, but one thing´s for sure: I do like having all this sparetime, “hatching” and being, in my opinion, an excellent housewife :-) But today is the sort of PJ´s-all-day-long-kind-of-day. And so I feel a bit torn, because though I´d really like for my aches and bad pregnant days to be over, I don´t mind waiting until the actual due date on Monday, or even a couple of days over- just as long as I receive him/her before my birthday. Isn´t this the most exciting birthday year ever, with not the least: the best birthday present awaiting ?! :-D



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