In love

It´s been silent from this corner of the world for about a week or so now, but my oh my, time hasn´t exactly stood still on our part. Eight days ago, I delivered a new human being into this world, and I got the honor of calling myself the mother of Lucas Lorenzo. He´s so sweet, so adorable and he constantly reminds me of a panda baby- which is in my opinion the most sweetest, charming creature on earth. Videos I stumble upon of baby pandas always, always make me smile and gives me a satisfying dosage of the happiness- hormone. And with Lucas, I’ve received tons of happiness- hormone ever since I held his dear body in my arms. I spend an enormous amount of time just watching him, adoring him, admiring him- even at night- and I know it´s ridiculous when thinking how I should sleep whenever I can- but I can´t help it. He makes me smile inside out. I´m in love with him. Both Aksel and I are in love with him. We’re so sleepy, but madly in love! ♥

Many thanks for kind words and loving greetings in regards to his birth, it is very much appreciated :-)



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  • Reply October 4, 2016


    Thank you Lord God for your precios gift to the proud,blessed parents😍✨🌟💫💖💖💖and so are we Lucas Lorenzo’s grandparent are happy for both of u Aksel n Eleonor!

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