Capturing the present while racing against time

Hey, Saturday! Oh wait, is it really Saturday already? That means that my little panda bear is just about to turn two weeks! It’s so difficult to comprehend how fast time goes. I’ve always complained about this before and during my pregnancy; but guys, times does really slip through my fingers. One moment, I’m breast- feeding in the middle of the night and in the next second I’m realizing how we’re already entering evening again..! Weird really, considering I feel like a zombie most of the day, missing sleep, but at the same time, I’m indescribably afraid of missing out moments with little L. Both with having Milo and Lola, I can recall how fast the puppy period went by. I always look back with great regret of not documenting enough of our early time together. This time, I’ll try to do my very, very best and enjoy, appreciate every stage of development and milestones, plus take tons of photos! Although taking care of the little one really is a fulltime job, I try my best to take daily photos. When having baby L in my tummy, I was recommended by a friend to buy a baby’s first album/ scrapbook album so I can take notes along the way without risking to forget anything. One of the best advices ever, I love doing stuff like this 😊 I know both me and him will take great pleasure in the time I´ve put into these things in the future ♦


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