First stroll in the sun


Good A.M. to you and the rest of the world :-) How are we feeling today? The weekend feeling has been replaced for a while now, being on maternity leave for five weeks now! Which means that our lttle seed is as big as (almost, to the clock) three weeks today! At this very moment (10.11) the epidural had just started working, and so began the nice and last part of the birth. Speaking of my little panda bear, he’s just fallen asleep and is lying peacefully on my chest. The best feeling ever, even though I´m in -complete- lack of sleep. Since his first days at the hospital he has always smiled in his sleep, but guys, yesterday was the first time he smiled to us, while being awake and having eye contact with us (or being in his line of sight) ♥ Despite him being just a week away from turning one month, I still feel we´re in the learning phase of getting to know each other. I´m (im-)pateintly waiting for some kind of rythm or routine to fall in line so our days can become more predictable. Although, two weeks ago, I tried to step outside for the first time. It was a sunny day so we decided to bring Lucas out for some fresh air along with Lola. Unfortunately, this turned out to be too much for me and my, at the time, wrecked body after birth. Apart from that, we´ve only been out four more times: for a check up at the hospital, a weight check and follow up session at the health care station plus our little trip out to Dal for the newborn photos. But I’m happy to say that yesterday was actually our sixth time out. We had big plans on going to this secondhand sale at Fjellhamar along with another family, but quickly had to change our plans due to what seemed to be a bit of a chaos outside the happening. And so we went to Triaden shopping mall instead where we only managed to do a quick stop at the grocery shop before making a pit stop at Jordbærpikene so the little one could be fed. His current intervals in between meals still varies from 20min- 1,5 hour, so this was more than enough of a weekend adventure on our part. Not the biggest weekend trip or shopping experience of any kind exactly, but a small stepping stone in the right direction, no doubt about that :-)



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