The day where I really get things done


Good morning to each and every one of you :-)

My morning actually started quite a while ago, around 04.30 to be exact. Little L had some tummy ache and after calming him down, my day had simply started. I´m really quite jet- lagged nowadays, if I can put it that way. Some days I go to bed around 18.00-19.00 if I´m able to, other days I go on to around midnight. No strict routines yet, but I´m happy to say that L is sleeping more during both night and day, which must mean that we´re headed in the right direction. Routines of some kind must be just around the corner, I´m sure of it.

Well today is Saturday, which means that Aksel is at home with me from a.m. to p.m., which furthermore means opportunity to get more things done at home than on the weekdays- both fun, and less fun things to do. Despite our chore- list awaiting, we had the time to upheld our little weekend tradition of eating extra sweets in the morning for breakfast. While L was sleeping in his stroller,  mama and papa was enjoying a couple of taco baguettes  ;-) And the cutiepie is still sleeping, so I´m hoping to get a few lines checked out before he awakens again, so we´ll have time to enjoy daylight and snow outside! :-D I´m already feeling Christmas from afar! Can you believe, the very first Christmas with our baby! ♥

A lovely photo of the two men in my life is attached,, who finally get time to enjoy each other´s company :-) And with that, I´m wishing you all a wonderful, white, snowy Saturday!


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