Getting new friends today

Hello Tuesday!

Compared to our previous weeks, this little fellow and I have a pretty tight schedule these coming days. Today we´re attending the first of several maternity group meetings. I´ve been looking forward to this for a small eternity now. Can´t wait to make new acqaintances in the area of people in the same life situation. Perhaps little L will make his first friends, or even friends for life today? Who knows, but one thing´s for sure, what a joy to think about it :-) Tomorrow awaits a couple of hours at our workplace where L will be meeting my previous class, as well as many collegues, for the very first time! I´m really exccited to see how these hours will unfold. Tomorrow is also Aksel´s birthday and we´ll also be expecting his mother´s arrival. On Friday on the other hand, we´ll both have our 6th week control. *yikes* Not something I look especially forward to, but oh well. The things one just have to put oneself through that´s of neccessity..

Anyways. Short summed, that´s our week, and as you can see, it contains pretty more than just eating, comforting, napping and changing diapers *hehe* But I think all in all, it´ll be good for both of us to get ourselves out a bit more. I´ll update you later this week of how everythings goes! Fingers crossed, hope for positive experiences only! :-)


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