Haircut and cinema for babies

Long time no see, nor talk. As you all know, this little man of mine takes up all my entire time. I’ve come to peace with the fact that I do not have a very sleepy baby, unlike some others. Aksel keeps on saying that he´s always awake, because he´s too busy learning how to speak properly! *Hehe* You see our little panda baby is the most talkative person around here ;p He´ s the happiest in the morning, which gives me a 30-60 min window of eating breakfast and doing other house chores. We´e further established a routine where we go for a walk with Lola 30-60min, and he usually sleeps for another hour after our arrival at home. And this is usually it! In the afternoon starts the stomach ache, and from then on, I´m pretty much bound to my little fellow. Speaking of little L, in my eyes, he´s so big now! So much flesh, so much more cuteness! I often need to contain myself when holding him, I adore him so so much I want to squeeeeze him! Hehehe ♥ Anyways, my point is, this blogging hobby of mine is immensely deprioritized these days. I often have to work in small sessions at a time, and after a whole bunch of these small sessions, a final product of a blog post is complete! But it really takes its time :-)

Back to what I originally planned to write about. A little while ago, I finally decided to do something about my annoying longhair problem. Having a baby immediately took just about every ounce of time I used to spend on me, myself and I, and so my only option was to shorten my hair. It´s just cut straight off at a shoulder length, but at the risk of sounding older than I am, I´m actually already now thinking about shortening it a tad more. I´ve officially become the mom I was afraid to be: the one offering her hair due to the new life situation! But to my big surprise, it feels freeing having a new hair look- it was honestly much needed and longed for, regardless of it all!

Another news on my behalf, is that we´ve recently discovered the joy of going to cinema for babies! They show a movie during noon- time for parents with small babies, and the whole thing is adapted for the little ones; the sound, the lightning, the ability to go in and out for a diaper change and so forth! And the very best part must be that you´re surrounded with a group of people being in the same situation, so whatever situation the little one raises there and then, they understand ´cause we´re all in the very same baby boat! Everything is A-OK! Whatever sound they make, whatever you need to do to comfort and quiet the baby down. I love it and I really welcome this great opportunity with open arms! And in just a little over one month ahead, we´ll be trying baby swimming! Thumbs up to these experiences during maternity leave :-D


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