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Hey guys! I know, it´s been a while..!

What can I say. I have a new little boss at home, getting the last word in absolutely everything ;-) I can´t believe I´ m saying this, but my little charming panda is turning three months this coming Sunday! Do you know what little milestone that is..! We´re suddenly here, three months later after my biggest life experience ever, and all I can say is; can someone please just stop the clock now? Little Enzo and I are the best of friends and he´s just developing way too fast. Did I say fast? I´ll just repeat myself for the sake of overstatement: his developing way too fast! He´s suddenly the most talkative around here and we´re now finally, finally established daily routines regarding sleeping! Plus, his stomach ache are improving, which helps tons.

Okey, I´m getting out of track already. You can see I´m clearly in a baby bubble these days, which is completely understandable. Since I´m so stressed out about the time passing, I try to remember picturetaking of my little panda every single day. I really don´t want to miss a thing. And when doing so, I love dressing him up. Let´s admit it, it´s kind of having a little doll again- only much better of course! Therefore, I´m always on the lookout for cute, matching clothing and different accessories to clothe him up with. I especially have a love for different bonnets plus natural colours. It has simply stuck with me every since the pregnancy due to keeping the gender as a surprise. Plus, if we´re lucky to have more children in the future, they an reuse all the natural colours :-) I´ve already found some eyecandy below ♥


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To see the entire sale assortment for kids, look here (adlink). What´s more tempting than cute baby clothing, plus what´s easier than hitting enter and looking forward for something in the mail these coming days? I mean one can just go bananas, the little ones look just so good in absolutely everything! But if you´re looking for items not only for your baby, but for yourself as well, I suggest checking out Boozt anyways. I´m happy to announce that Boozt has a big sale today and ends tomorrow; reducing many items up to 50%, which includes designer brands like Odd Molly, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Gant, Bjørn Borg, Peak Performance- to mention some! Other than that, you can get 10% discount on certain items when signing up; so go, go, go :-) Happy shopping, darlings and honey bees!


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