Bunny buddies

Hey, Sunday! Feeling weird just saying that, because I haven´t had the usual Sunday feeling at all today. Then again, I´m on maternity leave, so I guess I tend to mix up all the days. Anyways. My little boy has lived 12 weeks today! My little bunny, my little cutiepie, my little panda, my little Enzo ♥ Below are two photos taken earlier this week with one of his bunny buddy. He has alot of animal friends in his crib, so it´s sometimes hard to just pick out one of them for every photo session, but it just had to be this guy as they matched each other so well :-)  As a small celebration this morning, we ate pancakes for breakfast- pancakes with smiling blueberry jam that is ;-) Other than that, Aksel actually suggested we should go to a shopping mall, as they´ve had Sunday open today (for once here in Norway). So we´ve strolled around. Other than that, we´ve had the ordinary Sunday here. A stroll outside and some quality time on the couch! Not too much action exactly, some might even say what a boring day, but with what´s happening on the news lately on certain parts of the world, I consider us pretty lucky.. I hope everyone is well and finds the time to stop in the middle of the usual Christmas-time- stress to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. Love to all of you out there!


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