Last day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the school´s last day before Christmas! This means Christmas is nearby for real! Taking care of a little one 24/7 somehow makes it all blurry sometimes- especially with  the apartment awaiting for its Christmas decoration.. And the not-white-and-snowy- surroundings..! I´ve nagged about this before, so I won´t re- enter this topic once again, but anyways.. To celebrate this year´s semester, little Enzo panda and I are joining my colleagues for a Christmas lunch. I´m so excited to meet all of them again. Perhaps we´ll even say hello to my old class. But I´m even more excited for Aksel to get more time with his family! Time to enjoy morning moments in bed with the happiest face greeting us, plus time to join us for longer walks in daylight together with the four- legged one as well. I´m as happy and excited as one can be, there´s lots to look forward to! Nothing feels more complete than all of us being together ♥


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