It runs in the family

We’ve been at school today for the Christmas lunch with our colleagues and Enzo panda almost didn’t sleep at all! Afraid to miss out on the fun, I guess *hehe* (though I thought we´d established the routine of sleeping for another hour or more before the afternoon?!..). A lot of interesting faces and new noises, I suppose. Well, at least he got to sleep two hours beforehand. Aksel thinks I´m stressing too much about how much, or little, he´s sleeping, but in my head, the amount of sleeping is in clear relation to how much his tini, tiny, little body develops. And so I wish for him to grow himself strong and healthy. Anyways, he´s sleeping now so I finally have a little me- time to spend on this hobby of mine :-)

As mentioned before, I try to snatch a couple of photos daily, especially of the little one. He´s such a little model :-) I love sitting down with these photos and edit them, I really enjoy it. Although I´m very satisfied with my camera, a Sony a7, I miss a smaller, handier one, and also the flip screen (which I had with my old Sony a5000). I´m therefore in a search for a videocamera which is light at hand and handy with all of the modern functions, like wifi tranfer etc. I´m drooling over Canon G7X, which I know many vloggers on youtube prefer, but the price is too stiff.. So I´m nodging towards Sony Cyber- shot DSC RX100? Either way, what I want to say is, I love photos and the afterwork with them, but I still miss video snaps of our daily life. I mean, I won´t get this first year back again, like ever, so I really want to put down work into documenting most of it.

As a little girl, I remember being so annoyed with my father videotaping us during vacations, during social events with other friends and family; even documenting us in the daily life, doing absolutely nothing special. I really could not understand..! Yet here I am, newly mama myself, desperate to document everything with my own firstborn. I´ve now, with the recent years, come to realize the value of photos and videtapes. I mean, moments and experiences can´t be bought, and they´re hard to re-live again. What better than capturing it all on videotape, or eternalizing one moment by snapping a photo? Looking through photos or watching an old tape brings back so, so many memories. Good memories that has been locked up or stored away, because of.. Well, simply because life just happened. Long explained, but the message of the story is; I want to preserve as much of the memories! :-)


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