What everyone can learn from him

The blissfulness of these photos shows the reality of my mornings, and that´s a complete fact. The four walls of our bedroom can varify that this is really true. Although he can be tricky before bedtime, being greeted by this; the brightest star, happiest face and sunniest soul in these hours, is the absolute best ♥ I´m so happy Aksel can share these moments with us now during the holiday. I´m sure we´ll always remember these early hours together :-) It´s as if this little human being have the expectation that every day being will be an absolute fantastic day, and every morning he starts all over again with a clean slate. Such an innocent mind and what a splendid personal trait…! I am forever envious! Oh God, pretty please, if only this can last throughout the months, and years … :-)


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