Thank you for everything, 2016

I have been a few days absent due to sickness at home.. :/ Aksel had been food poisoned, and so the responsibility of both the two- and fourlegged baby at home was left for me. Plus, I have been trying to run some errands in relation to the baby Christening which takes place in only a few weeks ahead. So I´ve had my hands full! Anyways, how are your 31st of December?! Only a couple of more hours left of the very last day of another year. What a weird feeling :-) But not bad at all, living through yet a year more. At exactly this time one year ago, we were at our friend´s house celebrating the end of 2015. Looking back now, I´ve realized that I already then had the greatest seed already planted and slowly growing inside of me. Never had I imagined that a year later, I´d be having my little panda Enzo in my arms. A healthy, perfect combination of me and the man I love and forever intend to be with. I´m counting my blessings, and I see how truly lucky I am, despite my baseless complaints from time to time, and bottomless desire for material things..! For many New year´s eve, actually all of them as I can recall, I´ve been way too stressed about having a blast and missing out on this big night´s celebration. But this time, I have some kind of a relaxed attitude towards it all; I feel..peaceful is the word I´m looking for, I think? -No, complete is it. And I´m guessing that I can thank my little guy for this. Thank you for this year, 2016: the year which marks the start of a whole new chapter in my life ♥

May you all have a delightful last day of this year and last but not the least, may the coming year be (just as) good or even better than this- for all of us! Happy new year!!

(The photo above is a throwback from last year´s celebration.)


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