Besides our daily strolls together, and our joyful morning moments in bed where we smile and we talk, and we smile and we talk some more, we now have yet another thing that´s a part of “us”- time; babyswimming. We registered on a place nearby, it´s  literally our next door neighbour. So once a week, a short stroll to the swimming has now been implemented in our morning routine (which is perfect, because my little boy´s always happier after a nap -however small it is).

We´ve now attended 2 out of 15 times, and we´re so stoked! I feel so sorry for Aksel, ´cause he´s so envy of this experience. But it´s not exactly easy trying to document the whole scene, while being in the water with the panda. So hopefully, he´ll manage to come with us, at least once before the last one in May. We still got time. And that´s good, because this little one isn´t quite ready to be completeely dipped under water. But there´s a time for everything, and in the meanwhile, we do enjoy the time in the water anyway, completely dipped or not :-)

A tip for those of you currently going to babyswimming, is applying lotion a few hours before they go in the water. I use one of Johnson´s baby lotion products (have I ever mentioned how I love Johnson´s? They´re BIG business in the Philippines, which has completely rubbed off on me, obviously). By doing this small action, you can prevent dry skin, especially now that we´re going during winter time. The babies are mostly very clean also, so they needn´t therefore be showered before going into the pool. That is, if you´re not going directly into the water right after showering. In our case, we waiting a few minutes for the group ahead of us to finish. Plus, after the pool session, it´s not neccessary to rub their skin in showering gel, because the mix with chlorine from the water can be unfortunate. Yet another tip is clothing the little up in something very handy. I like to use one of his wool- dress (you know, the one piece kind of dress). Since it get very crowded inside the little wardrobe, with crying and happy babies on the floor, and mom´s getting in and out of the room, you want to just do your thing and get out as fast as you can. Zipping up the one piece takes zero point one second (almost, hehe), which saves you not only time, but also the very last part of the happy mood the baby´s in after almost an hour of playing and impressions. You don´t want to bend his patience!

Below is a photo of my basics. The swimming diapers are bought at a drug store, Apotek 1, in my case, for around 80 NOK, and there´s 12 diapers inside. I also go with a waterproof container to contain all my wet belongings, in the picture, it´s the black and gold bag with the golden straps. Very useful! Otherwise, I always keep a bottle with me at all times to keep myself hydrated, plus I´m the type that usually brings with me a snack pack at all times. After showering and getting clothed, we head right outside the wardrobe where I eat my lunch while nursing him. Talk about being efficient. Then at the short walk home, the panda falls asleep, so we pick up the fourlegged for a stroll number two around the block. This is basically my Tuesdays. Do you see why I love them? Oh Tuesdays ♥ Although I have had the weekend feeling everyday for at least four months now, Tuesdays have become extra special!


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