Push play again

Other than taking the stroller and Lola for a daily walk around the block, training has been set on pause for a really, really long time. I stopped training about three weeks before I was due? And that is around four, or five months ago? Oh my.. No wonder I am in such a terrible shape. Even though I carry around a 6kg baby most of the day, I haven´t exactly felt stronger or neater. On the contrary! I mean, there´s no doubt this body has carried around a baby for nine months (I will have proof of that for life), but the body aches like never before. I have pain everywhere! To mention some of it: the shoulders, my arms, especially my the back (oh, hello pelvic girdle pain- the one thing I´ve been trying to avoid from day one!!).. Years back when I started lifting weights, I never had the purpose of becoming what some may call as “skinny” (I´ve never had the genes for that type of body anyways), but to define and strengthen my body. I miss feeling that strong and that healthy. Now, four-five months later, I´m ready to push play again and continue where I left off.

I started lightly just before New year´s, and from then on, I think I´ve completed a handful of trainig sessions? One thing on the agenda per day is enough for me, and with weekly appointments and activities (such as to the fysiotherapist, follow- ups and informative meetings at the health center, coffee dates with the baby group and baby swimming), our days just passes by so, so quickly. Too quickly, indeed. Therefore, due to little time on the schedule, I haven´t found time to squeeze in workouts at the gym, not before now. I´ve been postponing trying out the children´s playroom at the gym, but with a little push and help from Aksel, we´ve now tried it out a couple of times- and it´s not too bad. I´ve even learned abour a group session for mothers where you´re able to bring along the baby inside the studio! What a perfect offer which one just can´t turn down! So yes, we´ve begun training once again. Hopefully, I´ll manage to shake off the pelvic girdle pain ASAP: the sooner the better!

I´m now planning new weightlifting routines and I´m excited to try them out- I´ll share them with you once I have!
In the meantime, have a splendid Saturday! :-)


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