Now I understand

My first Mother’s Day! I’ve been treated like a queen from the moment I got up, with the gifts of flowers (tulips, my favourite!), new pink running shoes aand a homemade success tart (also my favourite cake)! This will be a memorable first Mother’s Day celebration, thanks to my ever so loving husband :-)

I’ve only been a mother for a couple of months, despite that, I early began to understand the meaning behind the expression “a mother carries her child longer than nine months”. She´s the place you come from, your first home, first friend, first love, with an unconditional love and bond that remains unchanged by time and distance ♥ A mother’s love is, and will always remain special! So much love to you mothers out there!

A special love to my own dearest mama, we love and miss you so, so much ♥ I will never grow too old from loving and being childishly dependent on you, mwah! With the gift we’ve sent to you by mail (A Mother’s Book), we hope you can make it a life assignment to fill out as much as you can. You’re one of the wisest people I know of, with both wisdom and a history that I wish to preserve so that younger generations can learn about you and our family too. What better way to do so than finishing this book for us. Wish we could spend the day with you today, but take comfort in the fact that we’re flying out to you next week! We´ll see you soon ♥


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