New plan

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine´s Day! My husband is working today *typical*, so we won´t have time for any special plans (other than to continue eating the cake I received yesterday, the Success tarte). Since it´s Tuesday, though, it´s still the day I look forward to the most- all thanks to the babyswimming. We´re attending our fifth session in a few moments, and I just can´t wait!

Anyways. Some weeks ago, I really pulled the trigger again on the training front. I feel I´ve finally found the time and energy to prioritize a couple of hour of training during a week- actually, both at the gym, aand at home (the latter one was almost non- existent for a year or more). Needless to say, I´m in terrible shape (in every thinkable ways!), but I´m finding the joy in doing a workout again. And that´s definitely a step in the right direction.

Although I like to make myself a weekly workout schedule, I am pretty flexible now that I have my panda baby. My daily job is first and foremost being there as a mother and as a homebound wife. I have daily chores at which I try to do during the little one`s nappy time, but as said many times before, this is not a typical baby who sleeps most of the day ;-) If the situation require me to switch between days and/or exercises, or even skip the whole day, then I will. So this is kind of a guiding weekly program. I´ll try this program out for a month or so, before I´ll sit down and evaluate for a new and perhaps improved one.

Since I won´t change my eating habits, I expect no other visible results other than feeling fresh, active and stronger, at least for now since I´m still nursing. I fininshed both a session og cardio HIIT yesterday, with the finishing touch of some excercises for abs ang glutes, so I´m off to a good start to the week! Feeling really good about this! :-D But for now: babyswimming awaits. Wish everyone a joyful Valentine´s Day! ♥


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