Bad day, bad mood, bad news

It´s Friday, it´s the weekend! I´ve been looking forward to this day for a while, and then it all slaps you right in the middle of your face. How typical. I don´t mean to sound awefully negative, but I´ve just had a really, really bad day. A really bad day. And of course, Friday of all days. What a heartwarming welcome feeling to the weekend.. Note to self, remind me to never set up a doctor´s appointment on a Friday. Rather on a Monday. That´s a bad day just as it is anyways; like, why add another day to the week. I had a couple of things I brought up to my doctor, but I honestly thought I´d be in and out in maximum ten minutes. But no, try to translate ten minutes into almost three quarters. Don´t get me wrong, I have nothing bad to say about my doctor, in fact, she´s the best, but my health condition on the other hand..! I mean, I really thought that after birth, I was beyond the worst. No pelvic pain, no nothing! I don´t want to get too personal, but let´s just say that this wasn´t the end of health appointments in the nearest future. Now that I´m about to get a closure on fysical therapy appointments for the little one, I find myself next in line. And that´s not the only thing that´s wrong with me, apparently. Suddenly I have a handful of medical prescriptions in my hand. I suddenly feel like just about everything is wrong with me. No, I wasn´t really ready to embark .. What to call it.. A health journey. I thought I was right on track with my training and all, but.. Ah.. What can I say. Life. You just can´t have it all. I guess this is the punishment for enjoying my new exictence too much, having pretty much of the day all to myself and my little babies. Anyways. Talk about killing the Friday joy. Luckily, I have some other plans this weekend, so I´m sure things will turn back around again for the better. But for right now: no, njet, bleh. Not feeling any of the positiveness yet.. Instead of showing a sad/angry face, I´ll rather share a couple of glimpses of the highlights of my day: a stroll with these two in the beautiful, spring weather. Oh, and regarding my daily strolls, which I find much joy in: now I´m suddenly not supposed to walk too much either; doctor´s prescription. Oh joy, what merry, merry fun….


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