First time up in the air

Yesterday was his first flight ever! *Yay!* One way down, one more to go! It went beyond our expectations. We didn’t´t even have the guts to imagine it to go so well as it did. We were up at around 05.30-05.45-ish and thought we had all the time in the world, but, as we learn each time: we really don´t, especially when having a little one. We were about 20 minutes behind our schedule, but to our great surprise, our flight was 20 minutes late as well; so it was practically perfect. He slept for around 15-20min during our ride to the airport, and then he was up until boarding time. Just as we went down the aisle to find our seats, he began making cozy baby sounds. The kind of sounds that signals that he is about to enter dreamland. Mama and papa couldn’t´t be happier. He slept almost all the way, woke around 10 minutes before arrival. And just because it all went so darn well the first time, we just can´t allow ourselves to get high expectations for the departure next week. However it goes, we can at least say that one out of two travels went splendid :-)Now we´re visiting family in Kirkenes for the very, very first time! This week was our only option if we wanted a trip up North before settling in our new apartment. And so we´re suddenly here, three weeks after searching for tickets.

The weather here in North is of course pretty different than what we´re used to. And since it´s not recommended to take babies outside when the weather conditions are below minus ten, our routines of going on daily strolls are close to non- existent. We use more time putting him down to sleep than usual, plus, we don´t get to go out as a family and enjoy fresh air (and by that, I mean really fresh air, not like down in the highly polluted South). But we´ll manage to get time to pass anyhow, somehow it always does either way. And besides, nothing sounds better than spending quality time with the family, not having our schedules fully booked or anything.  That´s what I call winter vacation- with a baby in North, that is. ;-)


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